Traditional greek dish is never complete without delicious dessert. In our post you will find the list of the most popular desserts which will make your mouth water.

Greek cuisine is not only seafood and salads, but also delectable sweets. Serving sweet desert after meals is very common in greek’s houses. It could be seasonal fruits or extremelly sweet cake. Greek people usually have sweet tooth so they are into this type of meal.

There are so many greek sweetmeats that we are not able to show every single of them in this post, so we chose those that we considered as the most interesting.



The most popular greek deserts:



Baklava has delightful taste and it is one of the most common cakes in Greece. It is made from many layers of fylo pastry which are filled with almonds and nuts. Baklava is also moistened with sweet syrup and sprinkled with pistachio nuts.



Loukoumi is considered as the most controversial dessert which we can find throughout Greece – some people think that it is worth attention treat, but other people think otherwise. Loukomi are jellies with a fruit flavour sprinkled with powdered sugar. You can buy them separately or in decorative packaging (usually with Greek theme).



Melamakarona are cookies which are served in Greece during Christmas. They are most frequently made with flour, sugar and olive. They are very sweet thanks to the syrup that they are being put into. Although the meal is very easy to make, you should use high quality ingredients especially syrup and olive.



Bougatsa is a breakfast cake, which is often served with coffee. The main ingredient is pudding surrounded by fylo pastry. Bougatsa is the most popular in the North of Greece, around Seres and Thessalonik. Bougatsa tastes the best when it is warm. However, you don’t have to eat it entirely, because it can be stored in fridge.



Lououmades are doughnuts which are smaller according to polish. They are formed from yeast cake, deep fried and poured with honey syrup. They are often powdered with nuts or sesame.


We highly recommend tasting this regional desserts for every gourmand who is going to visit Greece. This country is a real paradise for everyone who loves natural, healthy sweets!